SLP Solar Film proudly introduces our exceptionally clear paint protection film. Our PPF film is made with thermoplastic urethane film, which will give you more stretch and great visibility. It will protect your automobile surface (such as hoods, doors, bumpers and side mirrors) from stone chips and other environmental damage.

Removal Type Adhesive

SLP PPF film will remove without adhesive residue on the paint surface. The special adhesive layer on our PPF film allows clean removal of the product from the vehicle when necessary.

The Best Clarity

SLP PPF film uses 6mil thickness of clear thermoplastic urethane and an exceptionally clear top coat. The special adhesive coating technology allows for the best clarity in the market. Please see it for yourself with sample.

No Yellowing or cracking Guaranteed

SLP PPF film uses 6mil thickness of thermoplastic urethane with a clear coat on the top. This will protect PPF film from yellowing, cracking, bubbling and peeling. We are proud to provide you with a 5 year warranty on our PPF film.

  • PSA Type Aggressive Adhesive
  • Easy to Install
  • High Flexibility & Restoration
  • High Weather Resistant
  • 99% UV Ray Blocking
  • 5 years product warranty that includes replacement film and labour


SLP Paint Protection film
Film Thickness (um) 163
Adhesive Thickness (um) 50
Scratch Resistant Surface Hardness (H) 1
Tensile Strength (PSI[Mpa]) 1740[12]
Elongation At Break (%) 400
Ultra-Violet Ray Rejection (%) 99
Peeling Adhesion (gf/25mm) 1400
Weathering Test (Hours) 1500
Max Continuous Temp (`C) 100
Thickness 6Mil