SLP Solar control film is a micro-thin film made of polyester (PET) and metalized coating bonded by adhesives that is installed on a glass surface to provide significant protection. Solar control film screens out solar heat, harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) and uncomfortable glare.

  • Decrease HeatToday’s window film is extremely efficient at minimizing the effects of solar rays. Solar Films can provide up to 82% more heat reduction than untreated glass.
  • Reduce FadingSolar radiation, including heat, sunlight and UV rays, can cause unsightly damage to home furnishings. Window film acts as a barrier by reducing the effects of the sun and by blocking up to 99% of its harmful UV rays.
  • Eliminate GlareThere are many causes of glare: direct sunlight, reflections from snow, water or surrounding buildings. Solar Film is the ideal solution to this annoying problem.
  • Increase Comfort and Energy SavingsIndoor temperature imbalances are often caused by areas of extreme sun. Window film can help balance interior temperature, resulting in reduced air conditioning costs. Additionally, many power companies offer rebates for installing window film.
  • Enhance Appearance
  • PSA Type Aggressive Adhesive
  • Guaranteed not to bubble, peel or separate from the glass
  • Exceptionally clear
  • Available in 72” width

(Lifetime – Residential, 10 Years – Commercial) product warranty that includes replacement film and labour


2PLY-MG 26 2PLY-MG 40 2PLY-MG 55 2PLY-SS 15 2PLY-SS 35
Visible Light Transmission (%) 26 41 56 15 34
Visible Light Reflection (%) 18 16 21 61 51
Visible Light Absorptance (%) 56 43 23 24 15
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 66.7 62 56.6 78.2 65.5
Ultra-Violet Ray Rejection (%) 99 99 99 99 99
Structure 2PLY 2PLY 2PLY 2PLY 2PLY
Thickness 2Mil 2Mil 2Mil 2Mil 2Mil