Safety and Security Film

Windows are vulnerable to many types of damage. Unprotected windows can shatter, and glass shards can cause injury and further damage. Safety and security film can dramatically reduce damage and provide protection from injury by holding broken glass together and preventing shattering.

Windows are the quickest and easiest means of intrusion. Breaking glass takes very little time, and many intruders want to take as little time as possible to access an enclosed area. By preventing the window from shattering, safety film discourages intrusion. An intruder will not be able to make the quick entry desired, and will often move on to another target.

Introducing SLP Safety & Security film

Our safety and security films are offered at thicknesses of 8 and 12 micrometres, and both types have been carefully tested to ensure quality. Our 12 mil (micrometre) product has been tested and its extraordinary protective quality has been recognized by many different countries. SLP Solar Film Safety Film was tested under the European standard conditions and approved European certificates, such as EN12600, EN356.

  • Prevent the Hurricane, Vandalism and any other threat.
  • Optical Clarity (Low haze)
  • High Molecule PSA adhesive
  • 99% UV Ray Blocking
  • Available in 72” width

(Lifetime – Residential, 15 Years – Commercial) product warranty that includes replacement film and labour


SLP Safety & Security film 2Mil 4Mil 8Mil 12Mil
Tensile Strength at Break (N/10mm) 113 227 411 619
Break Strength (lb/inch) 57 112 224 175
Elongation At Break (%) 160 160 165 175
Infra Red Ray Rejection (%) 10 10 10 10
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.82 0.82 0.80 0.79
Ultra Violet Ray Rejection (%) 99 99 99 99
Visible Light Transmitted (%) 89 90 90 90
Visible Light Reflected (%) 7 8 8 8
Total Solar Energy Reflected (%) 6 6 10 11
Total Solar Energy Transmitted (%) 81 81 76 74
Structure 1PLY 1PLY 2PLY 3PLY