Normal 2PLY

Automotive window tints provide protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, which can fade your vehicle’s interior and have detrimental effects on your health. Window tints can also protect the interior of your vehicle from heat and glare that is transmitted through the windows. We believe that they provide a level of comfort that all drivers deserve to experience. 2PLY film is made of double polyester that makes the film last longer by protecting it from fading and damage. This is why we can provide 5 years of labour and material warranty on this product.

One Price for ANY VLT Policy

SLP offers one price for products with varied visible light transmittance (VLT%) values – darker tints and lighter tints are made equally available to you for your needs. Contact us for more information.

Competitive price

Unlike our North American competitors, our automotive tints are not priced according to the amount of tinting they deliver. We have been selling 2PLY film in North America for 8 years. So far 2PLY film has the most competitive price with a 5 year guarantee.

Easy to Apply

The thickness of SLP Solar Film’s 2PLY Film is 2mil. Those who have used metalized film should be comfortable working with it.

No Radio Signal Interference

Most high-end auto films interfere with radio signals (including remote keyless entry systems) because they have a metal layer between the polyester layers. 2PLY Film does not contain a metal layer, allowing the tinted glass to remain permeable to radio signals.

  • PSA Type Aggressive Adhesive
  • 5 Years Labour & Material Warranty
  • Guaranteed not to bubble, peel or separate from the glass
  • Matches nearly all factory tinted glass
  • Minimizes glare from the sun during the day and headlights at night
  • 99% UV Ray Blocking


Visible Light Transmission (%) 5 19 38 50
Visible Light Reflection (%) 5 8 6 20
Visible Light Absorptance (%) 90 73 56 30
Ultra-Violet Ray Rejection (%) 99 99 99 99
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 49 48 37.4 35
Structure 2PLY 2PLY 2PLY 2PLY
Thickness 2 Mil 2Mil 2Mil 2Mil