A Better Driving Experience

Beyond Polarization Technology

To reduce glare, NEOSKY
selectively reduces the transmission
of Yellow-Light within the Visible
Spectrum to improve Driving Comfort.

Improved Color contrast

Glare Reduction with Minimal Loss of Brightness

Normal View


Visible Light Spectrum

NEOSKY Window Films
Improves Color Contrast By Reducing Glare

Advanced Glare control

Heat Reduction

NEOSKY is able to reduce the Solar Transmittance and improve the cooling efficiency of vehicle air-conditioning system. Driving comfort is enhanced and energy consumption is reduced with the installation of window films.

UV Protection

Protection Against Skin Cancer and Vehicle-Interior Fading
The sun provides the Earth’s surface with energy in various forms, including UV radiation, visible radiation (light), and infrared radiation (heat). However, environmental pollution is damaging the ozone layer, allowing more harmful UV rays to reach the Earth’s surface.

To address this situation, NEOSKY is an eco-friendly product that protects your skin from harmful UV rays and saves energy by preventing infrared radiation from heating up the environment inside your car.

The sun emits energy in a wide range of wavelengths. Radiation from UV rays, which have wavelengths shorter than those of blue or purple visible light, burn the skin and have adverse impacts on human health. The ozone layer, which is located in the stratosphere, prevents most harmful UV radiation from reaching life on Earth. But as the ozone layer thins, UV radiation on Earth’s surface increases.

Scientists categorize UV radiation into three types: UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A. The ozone layer in the stratosphere is not a perfect barrier to UV radiation, meaning that some wavelengths of UV rays are able to reach the Earth’s surface.


Visible Light Transmission 70%
Visible Light Reflection 8%
Total Solar Energy Transmission 58%
Total Solar Energy Reflection 7%
Total Solar Energy Absorbed 35%
Infrared Rejected (ISO9050:2003) 46%
Infrared Rejected 780-2500nm 79%
UV Reduction 72%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 38%