Ceramic IR

The issue of energy efficiency has come to head in recent years for two major reasons: to be more environmentally friendly and to save money. The use of heating and air conditioning has especially come to the attention of house and condominium owners, due to the high price that excessive use can result in. A common culprit that aggravates this already tricky problem is a home’s windows. Windows can be a source of heat loss through leaks and also a source of an increase in temperature via solar heat. A simple and cost effective way of using heating and air conditioning wisely, and while solving the problem that windows pose to energy efficiency can be found SLP Solar Film’s IR film series.

Introducing our ECO Film series

SLP is a proud carrier of ECO photo chromic Bio Ceramic heat shielding specialty films.

ECO Film derives its name from its high amount of infrared rejection property. The visible light transmittance of 70% + allows excellent visibility with minimum distortion, and more than 99% of UV rays are blocked. Merchandise and interior surfaces are protected from fading. A comfortable and clean interior environment is maintained with the reduction of light reflection. And Photo chromic effect changes film shade darker when sunny day.

With ECO Film, cooling costs can be reduced up to 50%, and heating costs can also be reduced due to the insulation it provides on window surfaces.

Exceptionally clear

Our Neutral coloured IR-ICL film and ECO film has been tested and found to be ideal for the front windshields of automobiles. The strong adhesive layer prevents peeling and bubbling. We have tested with other major brand about the clarity, and IR-ICL and ECO series has the best clarity in the market.

  • PSA Type Aggressive Adhesive
  • Guaranteed not to bubble, peel or separate from the glass
  • Photo Chromic effect decreased VLT 12% ~ 15%
  • Can reduce cooling costs in a home by up to 50%
  • Up to 98% of IR ray rejection.
  • Minimizes glare from the sun during the day

(Lifetime – Residential, 15 Years – Commercial) product warranty that includes replacement film and labour


IR-ICL 60 ECO 60 with sun ECO 60 w/o sun
Visible Light Transmission (%) 63.8 59.9 69.9
Visible Light Reflection (%) 8 8.2 8.7
Total Solar Energy Transmission (%) 49.7 50.8 50.8
Total Solar Energy Reflection (%) 7.2 6.2 6.2
Total Solar Energy Absorbed (%) 43.1 43 43
Ultra-Violet Ray Rejection (%) 99 99 99
Shading Coefficient 48 0.6 0.6
IR Ray Rejection (%) 61 98 86
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 53 62.3 51.2
Structure 2PLY 2PLY 2PLY
Thickness 2Mil 2Mil 2Mil